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An all-inclusive trip of a lifetime to New York

Stanwell School New York 2015 trip

Posted on: Thursday 19th June 2014

The RE Department are very excited to offer an all inclusive trip to New York for October half term 2015, which is currently two school years away.

If you are interested in this trip then please read the trip proposal carefully and discuss with your parents/guardians. This really is a trip of a lifetime where you get to see everything New York has to offer.

Although this trip is being organised by the RE Department it will be open to all of you who are in the current Year 9, 10 and 11, school year 2013-2014, and has many historical and political places of interest as well as religious.

If you would like to come on this trip then the RE Department will need the Initial Interest letter, completed by your parents/guardians and returned to us either ASAP or within the first week back of school in September 2014.

Please note that NO monies should be brought with your initial interest letter. The RE Department will select 40 pupils at random and ask for a deposit of approximately £300 when we have secured enough pupils for the trip.

I hope you are as excited as we are about this trip.

Kind regards,
The RE Department

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