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Fundamentally, engineers are problem solvers. The first hand work of engineers can be experienced in all parts of a our daily lives including making a telephone call, riding a mountain bike, flying in a plane, walking across a bridge and even wearing perfume or aftershave!

Engineers solve scientific and practical problems which affect all aspects of our lives underpinning economic activity and quality of life.

As an engineering student you may be involved in design, production, or research at any point of your studies. You may even find yourself working as part of a team for a multi-national company through STEM Cymru, EESW and Go4Set.

“For the future, primarily, we must educate people in Science, Engineering, Technology and Math.”

– Buzz Aldrin

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engineering-gcseA GCSE course in Engineering (EDEXCEL specification) offers a unique opportunity for pupils to develop their communication and manufacturing skills whilst working to industry standards. Engineering develops pupils’ Key Skills and their capacity for innovative thinking, problem solving, communication and independence. The course offered is based upon the view that engineering is essentially a manufacturing activity involving the combination of skills with knowledge and understanding in order to design and make quality products.

Through the course pupils can develop their skills whilst being given the opportunity to:

  • Analyse design briefs and produce design specifications and design solutions
  • Interpreting and producing engineering drawings
  • Present design solutions
  • Interpreting product specifications and producing production plans
  • Using tools, components and processes to safely produce an engineered product
  • Investigating the use of information and communication technology (ICT), modern and smart materials and control technology in engineering
  • Understanding the impact and advantages and disadvantages of using modern technology in engineering and manufacturing
  • Understanding the stages involved in manufacturing a product
  • Investigating an engineered or manufactured product that uses modern technology


engineering-latheIn Years 12 and 13 the department offers A-Level (applied GCE) in Engineering (EDEXCEL specification). This is an ideal course for those who are planning on furthering their studies at university in one of the many fields of engineering or other technical courses. With numerous transferable skills it provides students with an excellent foundation of knowledge and key skills.

The applied A-Level in Engineering helps students to:

  • Understand the nature and demands of different areas of engineering
  • Develop an understanding of engineering technologies and the complex sub-groups that make up engineering and related industries
  • Apply their understanding of engineering and its practical and technological aspects, through project based study of engineering design, production, commissioning and maintenance.

Students design and manufacture engineering products at both AS and A2 level. They will also examine existing engineered products and investigate the role of the engineer in their design or manufacture. The A2 external assessment is based on three practical engineering activities for which EDEXCEL sets the brief.

Throughout the course the following topics are covered:

  • Materials – properties and processing
  • The role of the engineer
  • Application of technology
  • Legislation and standards
  • Health and safety
  • Environmental impact of engineering activities
  • Project Planning
  • BS8888, Draftsmanship & CAD
  • Static Structural Systems
  • Electro Mechanical Systems
  • Power and lighting systems
  • Electronics, instrumentation and control


We provide an array of Extra-Curricular activities including Engineering Club, Go4Set and Engineering in Education Scheme – Wales.

Engineering Club

Each week the Engineering club has fun exploring the vast world of engineering through exciting activities. They investigate different engineering principles, create designs, and develop prototypes. Activities include using Meccano Kits (Sponsored by Laing o’Rourke), electrical circuit simulators (Sponsored by Wales and West Utilities) and numerous other projects kits (Sponsored by Royal Institute of Engineering).

Two students enjoying Engineering club

Two students enjoying Engineering club


engineering-go4setMembers of Year 9 are given the opportunity to work with engineers from Arup on a project where they design and present a concept for an environmentally friendly classroom. Previous successes have included ‘The pupils choice award’.

Engineering in Education Scheme – Wales

During Year 12 students have the opportunity to work with an engineering company on a ‘real-life’ problem. The department has been involved with the scheme for over 15 years with great success winning awards such as ‘Best Product’, ‘Best consideration of Environmental Issues’, and ‘Best consideration of Health & Safety Issues’. We’ve worked with many multi-national companies, including, Robert McAlpine, RWE nPower, and Lion Laboratories.

EESW also provides students the opportunity to achieve a Gold level Crest Award with the British Science Association.

“Manufacturing is more than just putting parts together. It’s coming up with ideas, testing principles and perfecting the engineering, as well as final assembly.”

– James Dyson

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