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Health & Social Care

Head of Department
Mrs K Cox
Mr M Furnish
Mr P Doyle

Are you interested in a career in:

  • Nursing?
  • Midwifery?
  • Occupational Therapy?
  • Early Years Care?
  • Working with people with additional needs?
  • Speech and Language Therapy?
  • Social Work?
  • Caring for the Elderly?

Or any other Health, Social Care or Early Years profession?

What is Health and Social Care?

Health and Social Care is offered as an A Level subject at Stanwell School. It offers a broad introduction to key concepts, skills and ideas that will be useful if you are considering a career in these areas. The aims of the course are to encourage you to:

  • Develop and sustain an interest in health, social care, early years care and education
  • Acquire knowledge and understanding of issues affecting the health, social care and early years sectors.
  • Develop skills that will enable you to make an effective contribution to the care sector including skills of communication, research, evaluation and problem solving in a work related context.
  • Apply knowledge, understanding and skills in a health, social care or early years environment and prepare for further study and training.

Health and Social Care is compatible with any subject but combines well with sciences, social sciences and humanities. As it is an Applied A Level, most of the course is assessed through coursework and will focus on how you can apply the skills and knowledge you have gained in a practical setting. There are opportunities throughout the course to visit health, social care and early years settings and we will often invite visitors into lessons to speak to you about their role. There may also be opportunities for work experience in these settings.


There are over 300 careers associated with this course including midwifery, nursing, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, radiographers, health informants, specialists for adults and children with additional needs, social work, community services, environmental health, child care workers and primary school teachers to name but a few! Active teaching and learning methods are employed which aim to develop teamwork, communication, planning and research skills, all of which are needed in employment.  

For the A Level (Single Award) one unit will be assessed internally (through teacher assessed portfolios) and one examined unit will be set and marked by WJEC.

Sections for AS and A2 can be found below.

AS Single Award

Two units are completed for the Single Award; one is assessed internally (coursework) and one is assessed by an exam.

WJEC Unit 1: Promoting Quality Care and Communication

For students considering a career in health, social care or early years, it will be important to know how they can contribute to promoting quality care within a setting. This unit looks at the values of care underpinning all care services and the rights and responsibilities of people using the service. It also considers the different types of communication skills used in care settings and their purpose. This will include oral, non-verbal, written, computerised and any special methods used in care settings. Students will also find out how effective communication values individuals and promotes health and well-being. This unit is assessed by an externally set exam, which requires students to apply what they have learnt to case studies. It is worth 20% of the full A Level.

WJEC Unit 2: Promoting Good Health

In this module, students will look at the range of lifestyle choices and societal factors which influence health and well being. Students will investigate the ways in which ill health can be prevented and the health promotion methods that are used by health and social care practitioners. Students will design and implement their own health promotion campaign on a topic of their choice and then evaluate its success as part of their portfolio. It is worth 30% of the full A Level.


The A2 course builds on what has been learnt at AS but offers the opportunity to study specific aspects of behaviour in more depth. As with the AS course, two units are studied, one is assessed with coursework and the other with a controlled assessment.

WJEC Unit 7: Provision of Health, Social Care and Children’s Service

Students will learn about the range of health, social care and early years services that are designed to meet the needs of service users in the local area. They will study the roles of practitioners within these settings and how they work as part of multi-disciplinary teams to meet individual needs. They will also consider relevant legislation. This knowledge will then be assessed as a coursework assignment set by WJEC that is completed in school under controlled conditions and externally assessed. It is worth 20% of the full A Level.

WJEC Unit 9: Working in Health and Social Care

The aim of this unit is to help prepare students for employment or future study in health, social care and early years services by giving them the opportunity to build on their knowledge and understanding of caring skills and techniques. It is assessed by a coursework assignment where students produce a report on two job roles. It will include information about the jobs themselves and the personal skills and qualities required as well as looking at the techniques the individuals will use to be successful at their job. It is worth 30% of the full A Level.

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