Ysgol Stanwell School

Archer Road, Penarth, Vale of Glamorgan, CF64 2XL


Head of Department
Mrs C Flaherty
Miss J Anthony
Mrs A Crompton
Mrs E Hughes
Miss L Jenkins
Miss J Lock

Mae pob disgybl yng nghyfnod allweddol 3 a 4 yn astudio’r Gymraeg. Yn yr Adran Gymraeg mae 5 aelod o staff llawn amser ac un rhan amser. Mae’r 6 aelod yn yr adran yn rhugl yn y Gymraeg ac yn athrawon sy’n arbenigwyr yn y Gymraeg. Mae’r Gymraeg yn cael eu hyrwyddo fel iaith fyw trwy gydol yr ysgol.

All pupils in Key Stage 3 and 4 study Welsh. In the Welsh Department there are 5 full time members of staff and 1 part time. All 6 members of the Welsh Department are fluent Welsh speakers and are specialist Welsh teachers. Welsh is promoted as a living language throughout the school.

Mae’r adran yn dathlu sawl llwyddiant yn cynnwys canlyniadau arholiadau arbennig, cyfleusterau ac adnoddau a darpariaeth gweithgareddau allgyrsiol megus tripiau i Lanllyn, dathliadau Dydd Gŵyl Dewi ym Mharis, Eisteddfod yr ysgol a gweithgareddau yr Urdd.

The Department celebrates many successes including excellent examination results, facilities and resources and the provision of extra -curricular activities such as trips to Glanllyn, the celebration of the St David’s festival at Disneyland Paris and of course the school Eisteddfod and activities organised by the Urdd organisation.


Welsh homework club for KS4 is on a Thursday to offer additional support and help to pupils.

Welsh club for KS3 is on a Wednesday in G19. Pupils can come to have extra support and help with homework or just to enjoy fun activities.

Welsh (Second Language) KS3

The Welsh Second Language curriculum in KS3 will provide experiences which will give all learners the opportunity to reach their full potential in Welsh according to their ability and needs. The aim is to ensure that learners are aware of the use made of Welsh in modern Wales, nurturing a positive attitude towards the Welsh language and its culture. The skills of learners are developed to use the language for effective purposeful communication.

We aim to ensure that the learners have the opportunity to:

  • Develop an understanding of the spoken and written forms of Welsh in a range of contexts;
  • Develop the ability to communicate effectively orally;
  • Respond to a wide range of reading materials, including some published materials;
  • Write in a wide range of forms for a variety of purposes, giving attention to purpose, audience and accuracy.

Topics Studied

  • Blwyddyn 7 (Year 7)
    • Dyma fi (myself)
    • Yr ysgol (the school)
    • Trefn ddydiol (daily routine)
    • Arian a Siopa (money and shopping)/ digwyddiad arbennig (a special event)
  • Blwyddyn 8 (Year 8)
    • Gwyliau (holidays)
    • Teulu (family)
    • Anifeiliaid anwes (pets)
    • Fy nghartref (my home)/Digwyddiad arbennig( a special event)
St David's Day Parade 2017

St David’s Day Parade 2017

Key Stage 4: GCSE

Y Cwrs TGAU – Cymraeg Ail Iaith Cwrs Llawn.

The GCSE course-Welsh second language full course.

In Year 9 and 10 the topics studied are holidays, sport, fashion, Welsh stars, cinema and the world of film, pop music, charity and part-time work, the area, Welsh culture, Myself, special events.

Year 10 pupils will sit an hour-long reading and writing examination in June which will be worth 25% of their final grade. They will also complete a controlled assessment in the spring term.

In Year 11 the topics studied are leisure time, alcohol, drugs and smoking, the environment, keeping fit and healthy, family and friends, home, the weekend, the media, technology, celebrations and school experiences.

Year 11 pupils will sit another hour-long reading and writing examination in the Summer term which will again be worth 25% of their final grade. They will also complete a Controlled assessment in Year 11 and a group speaking exam.

  • Unit 1 Reading and writing exam 25%
  • Unit 2 Controlled assessment 25%
  • Unit 3 Group oral assessment 25%
  • Unit 4 Reading and writing exam 25%

Key Stage 5: A Level

The A-Level Welsh course is split into 6 elements over the two years.

  • Year 12
    • CA1- A group oral exam discussing Welsh media and the film Hedd Wyn which will be studied in class.(20%)
    • CA2- A project on any topic with a strong element Welsh ethos (15%)
    • CA3- A written exam using language, grammar and the poems studied during the year(15%)
  • Year 13
    • CA4 – Discuss contemporary multimedia Welsh culture and the play ‘Siwan’ which will be studied in class (15%)
    • CA5 – A written exam on the short stories studied during the year and ‘trans-languaging’, responding in Welsh to an English text (20%)
    • CA6 – Language and poetry appreciation. (15%)

Students are encouraged to use Welsh whenever possible and to attend conferences and drama productions over the two years.

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