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Digital Music Album 2019

Posted on: Wednesday 19th June 2019

The pupils of Stanwell School have the opportunity to take part in after-school ‘Digital Music’ lessons which teach them to use specialist software to compose and produce music. These students have created the 2019 album to showcase their talents. The album includes bonus musique concrète songs that the pupils composed by recording and editing random sounds from around the school grounds. The video interview below explains some of the sounds and techniques they used and discusses what they learned and most enjoyed about the project.

If any members of the school community are interested in obtaining a copy, this can be achieved with a payment of £3 for a digital download, with all proceeds going to the music department. This is set up through ParentPay which will send you a confirmation email. Please forward your confirmation email with your child’s name and year group to areid@stanwell.org and a download link will be sent to you within 5 working days. Happy digital listening everyone!

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