Ysgol Stanwell School

Archer Road, Penarth, Vale of Glamorgan, CF64 2XL

Learner Voice

What is Learner Voice?

‘Learner Voice’ is a term used to describe activities that enable pupils to work in partnership with their teachers. It involves a co-operative approach between teachers and students involving shared decision making and evaluation to enable improvement and progress.

Learner Voice Structure

Learner Voice at Stanwell is promoted through five groups, each with responsibility for a range of groups and activities.

Stanwell School Learner Voice
Student Council
Chair & Sec: KW, DJ, CK
4 KS3 Members
6 KS4 Members
4 KS5 Members
Environment Community Learning & Teaching Healthy Schools
1 Teacher: JLA 1 Teacher: KW 1 Teacher: KW 1 Teacher: LC
2x KS5 councillors 2x KS5 councillors 15x Y12 Learning Partners 2x KS5 councillors
2x reps per year group 2x reps per year group 9x Teaching Partners 2x reps per year group
Eco-Schools, site & buildings, recycling. Events, community links, charities. L & T surveys, lesson reviews, self evaluation. 5×60, SNAG, Healthy Eating
Plus any other interested pupils

Student Council and Committee Meetings will be held after school usually on Mondays. Suggested Rotation of meetings: Week 1-Student Council; Week 2-Committees; Week 3-Year Councils.

Senior Prefects and Prefect Team

The Senior Prefects Team works closely with the SLT and Learner Voice groups to support both learners and teachers. They also initiate and run a number of new initiatives. This year they set up a ‘Subject Prefect’ team encouraging pupils to contact a prefect with any queries in a specific subject whether it is exam, university or course related. Prefects also attended Y11 options evening talks and were on hand at subject stands to answer queries from prospective sixth form students. They also carried out a survey of Year 12 students regarding University intentions and held specific talks about Universities and courses. Exam preparation assemblies were held in the lead-up to the exam period for Years 12, 11 and 10 to emphasise their importance for careers and Higher Education courses. In October 2014 the team ran a student support scheme to help Year 11 Maths students prepare for November examinations.
As a result of their keen interest in current affairs they recently organised a 5-way political debate between local candidates. This was a ‘Question Time’-style event involving polling and recording of answers and manifestos in preparation for a school-wide mock general election. In order to develop further Stanwell’s links with Lesotho they have also promoted locally-run schemes such as the ‘Lego-collection’ and set up a pen-pal system for students.

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