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Why choose Stanwell School?

In May 2015 Estyn judged Stanwell School to be excellent in all three key questions of the Common Inspection Framework, together with the two overall judgements on school’s ‘current performance’ and ‘prospects for improvement’. In addition, our outstanding GCSE and A Level results are testament to the high quality of teaching and learning across the curriculum. As a Professional Learning Hub, New Deal Pioneer and Lead Practitioner school, Stanwell works in partnership with a variety of other schools and organisations to deliver a range of high impact programmes and training. As a Lead Creative School, Stanwell has proudly shared effective practice focused on creative learning through the Arts and we continually seek new opportunities to innovate across all curriculum areas.

We have purpose-built facilitation spaces, which are contained within the school, but give delegates both the space needed to reflect and ease of access for ‘ward rounds’ and observations.

“The facilitation room is an excellent space, which is more than fit for purpose. It is contained within the school, but gives delegates both the space needed to reflect, and is also close enough for ward rounds to take place effectively and in good time.”

– Paul Day, OLEVI Quality Assurance Accessor

Our award-winning head of catering, Mark Robinson, who is a stalwart in the hospitality and catering industry provides outstanding cuisine for our programmes sourcing fresh and local produce. Bespoke buffets are provided catering for all dietary requirements. Delegates will be served with food fit for royalty as Mark has catered for Her Majesty the Queen on a number of occasions as well as being head chef at the BBC.

Bespoke catering for all programmes

Bespoke catering for all programmes

Feedback from our programmes has been consistently positive with delegates stating:

“Students on the Developing Teacher Programme have demonstrated a tremendous capacity for deep and analytical reflection on their teaching practice. The programme facilitators have been successful in creating learning communities which, augmented by skilful formative feedback, have resulted in work of an excellent standard. Learners have achieved outcomes which will enhance their practice, and will also prepare them for further postgraduate study.”

– Jan Huyton, Cardiff Metropolitan University

“The programme has been fantastic! I have thoroughly enjoyed all aspects, particularly the professional dialogue.”

– Delegate from Ynysowen Community Primary School

“A fantastic group dynamic which helped me develop my coaching skills and was also great fun.”

– Delegate from Bryntirion Comprehensive School

“This programme has challenged my thinking and enabled me to truly reflect on my practice.”

– Delegate from Abercynon Community School

“The programme has given me the confidence to try out new strategies.”

– Delegate from St. Martins, Carephilly

The Developing Teacher: Pedagogy and Practice

Contact: Jo Skilton (jskilton@stanwell.org)
Booking: Online
Price: £300

Forthcoming dates for The developing teacher: Pedagogy and practice programme at Stanwell school:

Summer 2018:

  • 14th May
  • 21st May
  • 4th June
  • 18th June
  • 25th June


“Unlike most other courses, I never felt dictated to. Jo and Barry simply facilitated our discussions, which was hugely beneficial!”

– Lucy Vickers, Whitchurch High

“The course has impacted my day-to-day teaching as I have made small changes to my practice that have been based around some of the discussions during the Monday sessions. I will be using the booklets and strategies from the book to influence my planning.”

– Hannah Parry, Stanwell School

“Completely different outlook on teaching after the course. Gained another ‘love’ for the job thanks to the confidence boost. Excellent opportunities to have teachers talk honestly and share ideas/good practice.”

– Jessica Thomas, Whitchurch High

Book now

Booking for this course can be completed online here.

OLEVI Outstanding Teacher Programme (OTP)

Contact: Jo Skilton (jskilton@stanwell.org)
Duration: 10 days
Price: £650

OLEVI LogoDesigned by OLEVI and facilitated by experienced school leaders and teachers, the Outstanding Teacher Programme gives good and outstanding teachers a set of high level skills and strategies that enable them to become consistently and sustainably outstanding. Utilised in the London and City Challenge Projects and endorsed by the National College, the OTP has gained a national reputation for raising standards in teaching and learning.

The Outstanding Teacher Programme provides an opportunity for experienced teachers to reflect on their practice in order to enhance and further develop their skills in the classroom. The programme gives teachers the tools and strategies, challenge and inspiration to engage in excellence – raising the quality of teaching practice to ensure every student enjoys outstanding teaching and learning outcomes.

“You have already established a culture of collaboration throughout your own staff body, and the engagement within OLEVI programmes is seen as a continuation and development of the existing work done by both yourselves and the rest of the school.”

– Paul Day, OLEVI Quality Assurance Accessor

OLEVI OTP training day

OLEVI OTP cohort July 2016

Delegates creating a Teaching and Learning model

Delegates creating a Teaching and Learning model

Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT)

The ASPIRE NQT Programme was written by accredited facilitators and coaches and is a key part of NQT statutory entitlement. All NQTs are expected to attend the Consortium training programme which is supported by Welsh Government. The six facilitated sessions which make up the core of the programme include: Effective teaching and learning, behaviour for learning, opening up the skills box and tapping into theory.

20167-2018 Session Dates
Date Session
25th Sep 2017 Mentors’ meeting
6th Nov Session 1
11th Dec Session 2
15th Jan 2018 Session 3
5th Feb Session 4
26th Feb Session 5
12th Mar Session 6
4th July Final Session (Cardiff City Stadium)

Curriculum Hub Maths (Secondary): Improving standards of KS5 and high achieving pupils

Contact: Faye Moryc (fmoryc@stanwell.org)
Duration: 5 days
Price: Free

The programme will enable participating schools to develop strategies, approaches, structured resources, documentation and tracking for the new A level mathematics syllabus. In addition, strategies required for promoting KS5 mathematics and developing provision for high ability pupils throughout the school and its community will be explored.

Curriculum Hub Maths (Secondary): Approaches and resources for GCSE mathematics and numeracy intervention

Contact: Faye Moryc (fmoryc@stanwell.org)
Duration: 7 days
Price: Free

Participating schools will receive and develop strategies and approaches for implementing structured resources, documentation and tracking for the new GCSE mathematics syllabus. The programme will involve developing a specific and individualised action plan which is relevant to a particular school’s context in order to formulate an intervention plan which will involve:

  • An evaluation of current departmental documentation and appropriate revision of materials;
  • Creation of resources and assessment pieces, along with internal tracking systems, for effective tracking of progress;
  • Opportunities to improve standards of teaching and learning for the new GCSE syllabus;
  • Providing opportunities to look at, and share, Stanwell’s resources; and
  • Observe GCSE lessons at Stanwell.

Lead Practitioner: Geography (Secondary Phase)

Title: Developing the Quality of KS3 Boys’ Extended Writing in Geography through action research
Contact: Helen Jarman (hjarman@stanwell.org)
Duration: 3 days
Price: Free

This programme will involve developing interventions that can be used to identify male pupils who find it difficult to produce extended writing within subject content. The programme will consist of three sessions over a term. Each session will involve discussions with teachers based on the focus of improving the quality of KS3 boys’ writing and the development of resources and assessments for literacy based tasks within Humanities subjects.


Lead Practitioner: Media Studies (KS4 and KS5)

Title: Raising the profile and improving outcomes in Media Studies
Contact: Ian O’Rourke (iorourke@stanwell.org)
Duration: 1 day
Price: Free

The programme will involve developing an action plan that incorporates data tracking of KS5 pupils opting to take A level Media/Film Studies. In addition, delegates will receive and develop documentation, resources and assessments to ensure effective tracking of student progress and secure improving standards of teaching and learning. The programme will offer opportunities to examine, and share, A level resources that Stanwell staff have created and observe the teaching of A level lessons at Stanwell.

The course could also investigate the practicalities of introducing GCSE Media Studies in Y9.

Lead Practitioner: Performing Arts (KS4 and KS5)

Title: Developing Performing Arts and raising attainment in Schools
Contact: Sara Ghazi-Torbati (sghazi-torbati@stanwell.org)
Duration: 1 day
Price: Free

This course will provide inspiration for those wanting to introduce and develop a rich ethos of Performing Arts which is inclusive, supports and develops both Performing Arts and key skills, and has excellent outcomes in examination results.
It will also establish a professional network to share good practice, ideas and resources to support teachers and enhance pupil learning.


Stanwell School is a Lead Practitioner hub for Maths, Art + Design, Media Studies, Geography, Performing Arts, Thinking Skills and Data Literacy.

For extra information regarding Lead Practitioner forums and meeting dates please contact Barry Crompton (bcrompton@stanwell.org).

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