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A Level Results 2012

Posted on: Thursday 15th May 2014

Please note that the date of this post is wrong. The original published date was August 2012.

Stanwell students continue to excel and this year’s A Level examination results are once again outstanding. 37 per cent of all grades achieved were A* or A grades. Of particular note, students studying Mathematics were awarded 34 A* or A grades (63% of entry). A total of 28 A* grades were awarded to Stanwell students (7% of entry). Over two thirds achieved A* to B grades at A2 level; additionally, 138 students (96%) achieved the Advanced Welsh Baccalaureate qualification.

25 students achieved 3 A grades or better at A2 level with the top students listed below:

  • Niall Armstrong (2 A* grades, 2 A grades and Welsh Bacc)
  • Andrew Graham (1 A* grade, 3 A grades and Welsh Bacc)
  • Bethan Lewis (1 A* grade, 3 A grades and Welsh Bacc)
  • Natalie Caple (2 A* grades, 1 A grade and Welsh Bacc)
  • Saul Crandon (2 A* grades, 1 A grade and Welsh Bacc)
  • Jordan Holt (2 A* grades, 1 A grade and Welsh Bacc)
  • Elise Westcott (2 A* grades, 1 A grades and Welsh Bacc)
  • Alys Davies (2 A* grades, 1 A grades and Welsh Bacc)
  • Kate Moreton (1 A* grade, 2 A grades and Welsh Bacc)
  • Jessica Raby (1 A* grade, 2 A grades and Welsh Bacc)

This year the average points score per pupil for the Year 13 cohort (144 students) is 1101 points, which exceeds four A grades for every student.  This is the second highest ever achieved by Stanwell pupils following the very successful introduction of the Advanced Level Welsh Baccalaureate.

A very happy Tom Harry, Niall Armstrong & Liam Pace.

Particularly pleased with the students’ achievements was the Head of English, Mrs Melanie Williams, where 36 of the 45 candidates (80%) achieved A* to B grades.

Tom Knight, Cerys Young and Rhys Ward show their certificates.

Mr Alec Lewis, Deputy Headteacher, commented “This has been another very good year for the school. We would like to congratulate all members of Year 13 on their success and are grateful for all the support given by parents and staff to ensure that our students fulfil their potential.”

Mr Robin Relph, Head of Sixth Form, stated “We have had a very successful morning and are delighted that so many of our students have qualified for their chosen higher education courses. All members of the pastoral team have thoroughly enjoyed working with this year group and we wish them continued success in everything they do in the future.”

Subject Summary of Grades

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