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The Additional Learning Needs and Education Tribunal (Wales) Act 2018 was implemented on 24 January 2018. Alongside this sits the Additional Learning Needs Code (2021). The Act makes provision for a new statutory framework for supporting children and young people with additional learning needs (ALN) from the age of 0-25. This is to replace existing legislation surrounding special educational needs (SEN) and the assessment of children and young people with learning and/or disabilities in post-16 education and training.

The ALN Code and regulations were approved by the Senedd on 23 March 2021. Along with the ALN Act 2018, the Code and regulations will create the statutory ALN system in Wales. The ALN Code provides statutory guidance on the exercise of functions under Part 2 of the 2018 Act and on other matters connected with identifying and meeting ALN. The ALN system aims to transform the expectations, experiences and outcomes for children and young people with ALN. It places the learners’ views, wishes and feelings at the heart of the process of planning the support required to enable them to learn effectively and achieve their full potential. From September 2021, the ALN system will come into force over a three-year phased implementation period. A series of links and documents found below are available to provide additional information on this.


  1. ALN Guidance for parents
  2. Vale of Glamorgan ALN
  3. Information on The Index for Children and Young People with Disabilities or Additional Needs
  4. IDP Process Maps – Resource 1, Resource 2, Resource 3
  5. IDP Guide for Parents and Pupils
  6. Dispute Resolution and SNAP Cymru Information
  7. Parent/Carer: Step by Step Process
  8. Parent/Carer: Video guide to ALN
  9. Pupil poster
  10. Pupil: Seeking advice
  11. Pupil: SENTW
  12. Pupil: Supporting children and young people – SENTW
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