Ysgol Stanwell School

Archer Road, Penarth, Vale of Glamorgan, CF64 2XL


Head of Department
Miss F Moryc
Ms L Bekker
Mrs C Bone
Mr A Chambers
Mrs A Edwards
Mr M Gershenson
Mr C Jennings
Mr M Lewis
Mr S Mace
Mr A Meddins
Miss E Murphy
Mr J Ovens
Miss C Philipps
Miss R Sterlini
Miss H Wickstead

The department has 13 full time and 2 part-time specialist Mathematics teachers, enthusiastic about their roles and eager to embrace any modern developments arising in the subject area. All pupils study Mathematics in Key stages 3 and 4 and there are over 150 pupils studying AS or A level Mathematics in the Sixth Form.

The department follows the WJEC specifications for GCSE and A level. The results in all key stages are very good and significantly above the national average. The Department is situated on the ground floor of the School’s phase 1 building comprising of a suite of 11 teaching rooms, each with an interactive whiteboard. There is also a departmental base room and store cupboard for additional resources.

Grouping Policy: Core subjects

In key stage 3, pupils in Maths are grouped starting from the October assessment in Year 7.  They are grouped according to ability based on recent and prior performance in tests. Pupils will be assessed periodically and classes will be reviewed to ensure pupils are grouped appropriately according to their ability and performance.

In key stage 4, pupils are set in Maths according to prior attainment and Key Stage 3 TA levels.  The cohort is divided into two halves with 7 sets on each half.  Class sizes will be smaller in the lower sets to increase the teacher to pupil ratio.  Pupils will either sit the Higher, Intermediate or Foundation exam in Maths and Maths Numeracy and the decision as to which paper the pupil will be entered for is usually made throughout year 10.  Regular assessment and monitoring of performance may result in pupils moving groups to ensure appropriate levels of support.

Key Stage 5: A Level

There are three Mathematics groups in Year 12 and four Mathematics groups in Year 13. There is also a Further Mathematics group in each Year in the sixth form.

Discipline Time Allocated No. of Groups
Mathematics Groups Year 12 Year 13
Pure Maths 3 Lessons 3 3
Applied Maths (Mechanics/Statistics) 2 Lessons 3 3
Further Mathematics Groups
Further Pure Maths 6 Lessons 1 1
Further Mechanics 2 Lessons 1 1
Further Statistics 2 Lessons 1 1

Options Available

Combining various choices from these different disciplines leads to the following options:

Option A Level Value
Mathematics & Further Mathematics 2 A Levels
Mathematics & AS Further Maths 1.5 A Levels
Mathematics 1 A Level
AS Mathematics 0.5 A Level

All AS/AL Mathematics students attend the five Mathematics lessons indicated above. For AS level the students sit modules Pure Maths A and Applied Maths A, at the end of Year 12. For A level students the modules Pure Maths B and Applied Maths B are taken in Year 13 and all four modules contribute to their overall result. The double Mathematicians attend ten lessons a year and sit nine out of the ten modules available.

Further details of these options are given in the WJEC A Level Specification and in the Mathematics section of the Sixth Form Options booklet.

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