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Key Stage 3 and 4 Exam Results 2017

Posted on: Thursday 24th August 2017

For another year in succession, it has been a very busy and successful GCSE results day for the Year 11 pupils from Stanwell School.  They should all be congratulated for their hard work in the lead-up to the examination period, and the school is certainly very proud of their achievements. The school is particularly pleased to have maintained high standards given the extent of the curriculum changes which all schools in Wales are currently facing. Part of these reforms includes the new Welsh Baccalaureate and Stanwell is delighted that 97% of the cohort achieved the new Skills Challenge Certificate, with 86% of them achieving this at National level.

Holly Keith, Kelli Poole, Connie Shah & Gabriella Merrick

Holly Keith, Kelli Poole, Connie Shah & Gabriella Merrick

The proportion of A* grades awarded this year was 13% and overall, more than 1140 entries were graded A* or A, which equates to 35% of all results. 55 pupils achievied 10 A grades or better and the following 10 pupils were awarded 10 A* grades or more:

  • Hannah Ross (13 A* grades & 2 A grades)
  • Jack Ruelle (12 A* grades & 3 A grades)
  • George Jones (12 A* grades, 2 A grades & 1 B grade)
  • Alice Short (12 A* grades & 2 A grades)
  • Grace Beacall (11 A* grades, 3 A grades & 1 B grade)
  • Harmony Hewlett (11 A* grades, 3 A grades & 1 B grade)
  • Karishma Krishna (11 A* grades, 2 A grades & 2 B grades)
  • Andrew Te Water Naude (10 A* grades & 5 A grades)
  • Mary-Kate McGrath (10 A* grades & 4 A grades)
  • Tara Robinson (10 A* grades, 3 A grades & 1 B grade)

Amongst our highest achievers were Hannah Ross and Jack Ruelle, both of whom attained an impressive 15 A * and A grades. Jack, who has the best results by a boy this year, plans to continue at Stanwell where he will study chemistry, physics, mathematics and further mathemathics at A level. Hannah Ross is our highest achieving female student and it is also her intention to continue with her studies at the school, opting to take economics, geography, mathematics and further mathematics at A level.  As far as their career plans go, both said that they are “keeping their options open” and hope that that sixth form study will help to determine their future. However, some of our other high achivers Alice Short, Grace Beacall, Harnony Hewlett and Tara Robinson have more definite career aspirations taking A level subjects to enable them to study, French, Veterinary Medicine, Marine Biology and Journalism respectfully at university.

Andrew Te Water Naude & Jack Ruelle

Andrew Te Water Naude & Jack Ruelle

The pupils’ successes were widespread across the curriculum, with A* to C grades exceeding 80% of the entry in virtually all subjects areas. Equally impressive were the achievements of pupils who studied vocational qualifications in partnership with Cardiff and the Vale College and the Military Preparation School.

Deputy Headteacher, Mrs Clare Kynaston, was especially pleased to see such large numbers of pupils achieving the required grades to return to Stanwell to pursue their chosen subjects in the sixth form, and she said “The pupils, their parents and the staff should be very proud of what has been achieved this year. These results are a reflection of the diligence and perseverance demonstrated by the year group and we look forward to welcoming so many of them back in September”.

Karishma Krishna, Hannah Ross and Grace Beacall

Karishma Krishna, Hannah Ross and Grace Beacall

Year 11 Tutor, Mr Rhys Macpherson also commented, “these excellent results achieved by Year 11 are well deserved and it has been a pleasure supporting such a committed group of young people. The Key Stage 4 pastoral team have thoroughly enjoyed working with this year group and wish them all continued success in the future.”

August 24th 2017

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