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Learner Voice

What is Learner Voice?

‘Learner Voice’ is a term used to describe activities that enable pupils to work in partnership with their teachers. It involves a co-operative approach between teachers and students including shared decision making and evaluation to enable improvement and progress.

Learner Voice Structure

Learner Voice at Stanwell is promoted through five groups, each with responsibility for a range of activities.

Stanwell School Learner Voice 2018/2019
Student Council
(Head Boy and Girl)(KW, TB, CK
4 KS3 Pupils
6 KS4 Pupils
4 KS5 Pupils
Environment Community Learning & Teaching Wellbeing
1 Teacher: EGT 1 Teacher: KW 1 Teacher: KW 1 Teacher: LC
Min. 2 x reps per year group Min. 2 x reps per year group 24xCross-curricular teaching Group/30xDepartmental Learner Voice/45xSubject Prefects Min. 2 x reps per year group
Eco-Schools, site & buildings. Community links, events & charities. L & T surveys, lesson reviews, self evaluation. 5×60, Healthy Schools, Wellbeing & Mental Health
Plus any other interested pupils

Student Council and Committee Meetings will be held after school, usually on Mondays. Year Council meetings will be held during pastoral lessons.

Suggested Rotation of meetings : Week 1-Student Council; Week 2-Committees; Week 3-Year Councils

Student Council


Student Council Mission Statement

‘Stanwell Student Council will give pupils the opportunity to voice their opinion on, participate in, and improve the running of the school. All pupils will be listened to, all ideas and suggestions will be considered and feedback will be given. The Council will work with all staff and pupils to help make Stanwell a friendly, positive, and supportive learning environment.’

The Student Council consists of two elected pupils from each year council – one boy and one girl. Each year council consists of twenty pupils – two elected from each form group. Year councils and the Student Council meet at least once each half term.

Mr Watkins is the school council link teacher and at least one member of the Senior Leadership Team also attends every meeting.
The Student Council links all the other Learner Voice Groups together and provides a forum for each committee to update pupils on recent and planned events. Each Year Council has at least two Y13 Year Prefects attached to it to help plan and run meetings.

Student Council Members 2018-2019
Year 7
Phoebe Sutcliffe-Hill, Ted Bryant
Year 8
Cari Jones, Ted Jones
Year 9
Molly Dyke, Kieran Lewis
Year 10
Jensen Clark
Year 11
Ollie Evans, Lili Rees
Year 12
Ruhama Ali, Neil Power
Year 13
Nimrod Abramovich, Ceylin As

Stanwell Student Council 2018-2019

Stanwell Student Council 2018-2019

School Council Meeting Minutes

Wednesday 20th October 2021 – Here

Committee Feedback
Eco-Stanwell Eco-Stanwell members attended a meeting of Gwyrddio Penarth Greening (Penarth’s community group) along with 100 local residents to discuss the climate emergency.
Members also took part in a community mapping workshop run by Sustrans Cymru.
Upcoming events include Fairtrade Fortnight and two environmental conferences in Cardiff.
Charity Committee The Red Top Day raised approximately £1600 for Velindre Cancer Centre. This Friday (14th) pupils are encouraged to wear bright colours and donate £1 to Asthma UK in memory of past pupil Hannah French.
5×60 5×60 Ambassadors are in the process of starting a new PE club, with a different sport every week.


  • Anyone interested in Penarth Youth Action, Vale Youth Forum or becoming a Student Ambassador to contact KW
  • Welsh Youth Parliament: Year Prefects currently going into assembly, KW to chase this up with prefects because only 2 appear to have been done. Need to review link as it is currently being blocked on school computers-KW to speak with IT technicians.
  • White Ribbon Campaign: Currently in process of getting the school accredited. Raise awareness through bulletin and thought for the day, national day is November 25th. Suggested that more talks from PC Mudie and outside speakers may be effective
  • Learner Voice Website Page: Need to update page: NA, CA, B & MD volunteered to be responsible for this with KW.

Get Involved

You don’t have to be a member of the council to join in. Either speak to your year councillor, year tutor or contact your Student Council with suggestions for improving any aspect of school life by e-mailing:


The ‘Community Group’ is responsible for organising and promoting charity events and developing links with our local community.

Charity Committee Members 2018/2019

Elinor Hawkins & April Corbett (Co-chairs), Lily Hawksbee, Famke Ashmore, Megan Edwards, James Carney, Neil Power, Cathleen Tan, Menna Chandler, Sophie Hunnam, Natasha Croll, Hannah Salmon, Kate Beeslee, James Dawson, Hannah Ross, Christina Kulamannage, Bronwen Pearce, Sophie Brewster, Kaycie Yip, Charlotte White, Ruamha Ali, Phoebe Skelton, Aleena Akhtar

The Charity Committee at their weekly planning meeting

The Charity Committee at their weekly planning meeting

Recent Events

On Friday 16th November the Charity Committee organised events to raise money for Children in Need 2018. We held a non-uniform day, a Bake-Off competition and sale, along with a enterprise market place organised and run by year 7.

Candy Canes will be sold during the last week of term, get them delivered to your friends with a personalised greeting, all for £1.50. Then, Friday 21st December (last day of term!) is Jolly Jumper day. Wear your favourite jumper, Christmas or otherwise – flashing lights a must! – for a £1.00 donation to Save The Children.

Learning and Teaching Group


What We Do

The aim of the Learning and Teaching Group is to expand the role of Learners in Stanwell’s self-evaluation and improvement process. This is done in a variety of ways involving Departmental Learner Voice Groups, Subject Prefects and Learning and Teaching surveys.

Senior Student Team

Our new Senior Student Team of Head Girl, Head Boy, Deputies and Senior Prefects has started the new term in a determined and enthusiastic manner and have already visited year group assemblies to introduce themselves and offer support both to younger pupils and teachers. We are sure that they will play a vital role in the school this year.
The Executive prefects work closely with the Head Boy and Girl, the SLT and Learner Voice Groups to support both learners and teachers. Bronwen Pearce has chosen to focus on Learner Voice, Connie Shah and Cyril Hickman on Eco & Healthy Schools and Emily McConnon and Ben Hanson on Mental Health & Wellbeing.

Pictured are: Kate Beeslee (Head Girl); Dylan McKee (Head Boy) with their Deputies Hannah Ross and Andrew Te Water Naude; alongside our Executive Prefects Emily McConnon, Cyril Hickman, Connie Shah, Ben Hanson and Bronwen Pearce.

Pictured are: Kate Beeslee (Head Girl); Dylan McKee (Head Boy) with their Deputies Hannah Ross and Andrew Te Water Naude; alongside our Executive Prefects Emily McConnon, Cyril Hickman, Connie Shah, Ben Hanson and Bronwen Pearce.

Subject Prefects

Year 12 students apply to become Subject Prefects in September. They provide support to teachers with their Year 7 & 8 classes, help at Open Day and organise and run Departmental Learner Voice meetings. They also help to design and give feedback on Learning & Teaching surveys and identify additional opportunities for Learner Voice.
Everyone involved feels that it is vital for pupils to have the opportunity to identify aspects of lessons that really helped their Learning. Having a Learner Voice is the best way for all students to feel valued and that their opinions about the way they learn are important to the school. It can also be very useful for teachers to gain a pupils’ perspective on methods of teaching so that they can be confident that everyone is fully engaged and benefitting from the experience.
Students will continue to work with teachers in a partnership throughout the year and aim to ensure that Learners’ voices are heard, and that pupils and teachers work together to help everyone get the most from their lessons.

Departmental Learner Voice Groups (DVLG)

Each subject is represented on the Learner Voice Group by at least two pupils from each year group. The DVLGs work closely with their teachers giving regular feedback both at the end of each topic and half term.

What is 5×60?

5×60 is a Welsh Government initiative aimed at getting kids active and hooked on sport for life. Our aim is to encourage you to complete 60 minutes of exercise 5 times a day by offering lunch time and after school clubs and competitions.

Past Charity Events

Healthy Schools News

What is the Healthy Schools Scheme?

stanwell-healthy-schools-logo-2014Stanwell is a health promoting school, which actively encourages the core areas of school life which affect health and well being.

Pupils take key roles in decision making and participation in order to improve the health and environment of their school.

We adopt a whole school approach across the seven different health topics: food and fitness, mental and emotional health and well being, personal development and relationships, substance use and misuse, environment, safety and hygiene.

Food and Fitness

Food and nutrition, physical activity and sport are seen as integral parts of the broad educative process of every child. The health and welfare of all children sits at the heart of the Food and Nutrition policy and reflects the core values of the school in maximising every child’s potential.
Our 5×60 Officer ensures there are plenty of after-school clubs to give pupils the opportunity to enjoy indoor and outdoor activities all year round.

Stanwell has a SNAG group (Schools Nutrition Action Group), comprised of of pupils, teachers, the Healthy Schools Coordinator and catering staff, where Change for Life and food standards are considered in relation to the school.

Our 5×60 Officer ensures there are plenty of after-school clubs to give pupils the opportunity to enjoy indoor and outdoor activities all year round.

Food and Fitness Fun Run 2014

Mental and Emotional Health and Well Being

Well-being and emotional health are at the heart of the School Effectiveness Framework and the school follows the Welsh Assembly Government’s Well-being Good Practice guide. We have in-house support and counselling from Mr Cooke and Mrs Driscoll along with visiting Barnardo’s counsellors.

Personal Development and Relationships

Stanwell’s personal development and relationship policies aim to provide pupils with information about growth and development and to raise awareness about themselves and develop respect for others.  Strong and supportive relationships are encouraged and appreciated.

Substance Use and Misuse

Stanwell aims to enable pupils to make informed choices by increasing their knowledge about substances and providing opportunities for them to explore their own and others’ attitudes.

Staff from Cardiff and Vale Public Health Team, University Health Board, Inroads and Newlink Wales have joined forces to offer schools a comprehensive package of support around this action area.  Red Button is a drugs and alcohol information and education service initiative aimed at young people in Cardiff and the Vale.

The Welsh Assembly Government have also published the following documentation: Guidance for Substance Misuse Education.

Building Bird Boxes


Stanwell takes every opportunity to enhance the environment of the school. We aim to enable pupils to learn how to care for and protect their environment and practice the key concepts of ESDGC. The Eco-Schools committee also encourages pupils to engage with environmental and sustainable development issues.


Stanwell has an up to date Health and Safety policy.  We also implement safety procedures (sun safety, internet safety etc) through relevant lessons and the PSE programme.


Stanwell follows the recommendations of ‘Teach Germs a Lesson’ to ensure that hygiene is taught properly across the school. We recognise the importance to pupils and staff of preventing and dealing with infections efficiently and effectively.

The Welsh Assembly Government have released infection control guidance for Primary and Secondary Schools: Teach Germs a Lesson!

Sixth form cafe

Breakfast Club – start the day the right way!

At Stanwell we recognise the benefits of having breakfast in a comfortable and relaxed environment. In a recent survey carried out by WLGA one in three secondary pupils attend school without having done so.

Our optional early morning breakfast facility runs from 8.00am until 8.30am. There are a range of food options available, all aimed at ensuring that students have the opportunity to arrive at their first lesson with the necessary fuel to make them ready to learn.

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