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5×60 News


What is 5×60?

5×60 is an initiative that is all about getting more young people more active more often, by encouraging them to be active for at least 60 minutes, five days a week and enjoy it! The 5×60 activities in school form part of the school extra-curricular timetable and are organised by the Vale of Glamorgan Council Sports & Play Development team. The activities are free to participate in and everybody is welcome to attend – it does not matter about sporting ability – the clubs are a chance to have fun, take part in some physical activity, make new friends etc…

The activities are organised by the sports development team (Healthy Living Officer) and the school has their own Activity Co-ordinator (who is part of the Sports & Play Development Team) who helps deliver activities, as well as external sports coaches who come in to deliver specific activities. Some of the new and additional activities 5×60 has brought to the school include trampolining, street dance, yoga, girls football, fitness with activities changing each term! There are also opportunities outside of school which we promote to pupils – it’s about trying to offer a range of activities that young people want and at times that they can attend!

We always want to hear from pupils what sports they would like to see on the extra-curricular timetableas we know that if we want to get more pupils to more clubs then we need to put on activities pupils want.

If parents / carers would like more information about the scheme or about their child taking part in activities please contact the Active Young People Officer on 01446 704808 or email: rlshepherd@valeofglamorgan.gov.uk

Active Young People: Years 9-11

Active Young People are pupils in years 9-11 who give up some of their time to assist in sports sessions for younger pupils or the local community. These pupils can assist by coaching small parts of a sports session, setting up activities, taking registers, organising inter-form competitions and refereeing.

Who can be an Active Young Person?

The scheme is open to sports minded year 9-11 pupils who have shown a commitment to sport. Active Young People Organisers courses are set up frequently throughout the year and offered to pupils in these year groups.

What do Active Young People get?

Pupils who attend the Active Young People Organisers course receive a certificate and a t-shirt after completing their voluntary coaching hours. They also receive mentoring and the opportunity to join the Coaches of the Future scheme in year 12.

What do Active Young People have to do?

After completing the course, pupils are required to complete 8 hour minimum coaching either within 5×60, a local primary school or a local sports club. However, 8 hours is the minimum to receive your certificate and t-shirt. All pupils are encouraged to complete as many hours as possible to enhance their coaching experience.

What is the cost?

The Active Young People Organisers course is free to attend.

Pupils playing Baseball

Young Ambassadors: Years 10-13

Young Ambassadors are split into two sections, Silver Young Ambassadors and Gold Young Ambassadors.

Silver Young Ambassadors

Silver Young Ambassadors are pupils in years 10-11 who give up some of their time to promote sports to younger pupils. These pupils can promote sport by speaking in assembly, setting up new clubs/competitions, handing out flyers and speaking on school radio. Each school has two Silver Young Ambassadors.

Gold Young Ambassadors

Gold Young Ambassadors are pupils in Year 12-13 who give up some of their time to promote sport to the whole of the Vale of Glamorgan. These pupils can promote sport by speaking in different school assemblies, speaking at sports conferences, writing press releases and assisting in organising Vale of Glamorgan events. There are two Gold Young Ambassadors for the Vale of Glamorgan.

Who can be a Young Ambassador?

The scheme is open to sports minded year 10-13 pupils who have shown a commitment to sport. These pupils should have an interest in promoting sport and encouraging more pupils to become more active.

What do Young Ambassadors get?

Young Ambassadors are provided with regional training with other Young Ambassadors from Wales. This training helps them to think of ways to promote sport within their school and local authority. Young Ambassadors are provided with the chance to talk at and assist with sports events such as Sport Wales conferences. All Young Ambassadors also receive kit.

What do Young Ambassadors have to do?

Young Ambassador places will be advertised during school assembly and those pupils interested in the scheme have to complete an application form. These applicants are then shortlisted and invited to attend an interview. Once selected, Young Ambassadors attend training with other local authorities and work closely with their 5×60 Officer to help encourage younger pupils to become more active.

Coaches of the Future: Years 12 & 13

Coaches of the Future is part of the Vale of Glamorgan’s Olympic legacy program to help inspire a generation of participants and coaches. The scheme is designed to give young people the opportunity to undertake and develop an involvement in Sports Leadership and Coaching.

Who can be a Coach of the Future?

The scheme is open to sports minded Year 12 pupils who have shown a commitment to sport. These pupils can apply for a place on the scheme by completing an application form and attending the open evening on the 2nd October (see 5×60 Officer for invite). Pupils who apply are then shortlisted by the Vale of Glamorgan Sports Development Team.

What do Coaches of the Future get?

Pupils chosen to take part in the program will be provided with the opportunity to gain their Sports Leaders Level 2, First Aid, SCUK Safeguarding & Protecting Children, Disability & Inclusion Training, a National Governing Body Level 1, sports specific leadership awards, kit and a mentored coaching experience.

What do Coaches of the Future have to do?

Due to the amount of time and money that is invested into supporting each of the pupils selected, there is a high level of commitment required by the pupils. Each pupil once on the scheme will have to complete a minimum of 10 hours coaching within 5×60 followed by 10 hours coaching within a local community club. They will also have to attend all training courses and complete log books.

What is the cost?

Membership to the scheme is £60 which aids in the financial outlay of resources, kit and coaching courses. Obviously the main coat to you will be in the form of time.

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