Ysgol Stanwell School

Archer Road, Penarth, Vale of Glamorgan, CF64 2XL


Governors 2019/2020

  • Mr C Adams (LEA)
  • Mrs J Bispham (Community)
  • Mr T Brown (Headteacher)
  • Mr A Chambers (Parent)
  • Mr I Davis (Parent)
  • Mrs D Driscoll (Parent)
  • Mrs K Howell (Partnership)
  • Miss L Jenkins (Teacher)
  • Mrs C Kynaston (Teacher)
  • Mrs A O’Connor (Parent)
  • Mrs J O’Rourke (Partnership)
  • Mr M Reypert (Parent)
  • Mr M Robinson (Staff)
  • Mr T Rogers (Community)
  • Mr M Salmon (Parent)
  • Mr M Sims (Community)
  • Mrs V Skingle (Partnership)
  • Mrs C Tailby (Parent)
  • Mrs A Williams-Brunt (LEA)
  • Miss I Brown (Associate Pupil)
  • Mr N Power (Associate Pupil)

Chairman – Mr T Rogers
Vice Chair – Mrs J Bispham
Safeguarding – Mrs A Williams-Brunt
Clerk of the Governing Body – Mr J Mansfield

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