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Who are we?

We are pleased to have the opportunity to tell you who we are, what we do and some of our achievements on behalf of the school.

The PTA committee is made up of Stanwell staff and parents and we meet to discuss, informally, how we can best support the school and our children in school.

Our main role is to raise funds, but, we also support the school by helping out at functions, such as plays, concerts, and parents’ evenings.  The main way in which you can support the school through the PTA is by:

  • Becoming a part of the PTA and supporting the events we run and support
  • Become a member of our 100 club. This is a monthly lottery where for £1 per month (£12 for the year), you are entered into a draw and can win up to £25
  • Join us at our social events such as the ever-popular Quiz Night.

The money we raise for the school has allowed us to make substantial donations towards the school’s exchanges, the Debating Society, library books, computer equipment, equipment for the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, sports equipment, clothing and awards, musical instruments, stage lighting, dance studio mirrors and video editing equipment.

We would welcome your support, as a member of the PTA Committee, and/or helping out at PTA events. If you would like to become involved and can help with any events please contact me.

We look forward to welcoming you on to our committee.

Emma Sanders
PTA Chair on behalf of the PTA committee

PTA Club 100 Winners

1st Prize – £25 R J Stone
2nd Prize – £15 R C Sully
3rd Prize – £10 Emma Sanders

1st Prize – £25 Joanna Gaitt
2nd Prize – £15 Cheryl Day
3rd Prize – £10 S Pratt

1st Prize – £25 C Kynaston
2nd Prize – £15 RM Relph
3rd Prize – £10 Keegan Smith

1st Prize – £25 Emma Ware
2nd Prize – £15 AS + JA Rattray
3rd Prize – £10 Ceri Lambert

1st Prize – £25 EK & PM Ingram
2nd Prize – £15 Clare Croft
3rd Prize – £10 Cheryl Day

1st Prize – £25 Judith Hills
2nd Prize – £15 Keegan-Smith
3rd Prize – £10 PN & SA Issac

1st Prize – £25 R & C Sully
2nd Prize – £15 M&H Lewis
3rd Prize – £10 J Locke

1st Prize – £25 Mrs Karen Ghazi-Torbati
2nd Prize – £15 DM & AB Ray
3rd Prize – £10 Mark & Alison Drake

1st Prize – £25 Emma Ware
2nd Prize – £15 Lynn Allam
3rd Prize – £10 Laura Nourish

1st Prize – £25 J Gaitt
2nd Prize – £15 Genette Webster
3rd Prize – £10 Juile Sanders

As of July 2018 all winnings will need to be collected for the school reception. Could all members of the PTA 100 email stanwellschoolpta@gmail.com of their email address and mobile number to be notified of future winnings and events.

For more information on the PTA Club 100 please click on the link. PTA 100 Club Information.

Please click on the link to download the 100 club standing order form. 100 club form.

You can now easily donate to the Stanwell PTA!  Just go to Easy Fundraising’s website and click on the support your cause link – search for “Stanwell School PTA”.  Spread the word – help us help the kids!

Letter from PTA – Here

Contact Us

You can get in touch with us on our Twitter and Facebook pages.  Alternatively, you can send us an email to stanwellschoolpta@gmail.com.

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