Ysgol Stanwell School

Archer Road, Penarth, Vale of Glamorgan, CF64 2XL

School Rules

Table of Contents

General Behaviour

Pupils of the school should, at all times, in and out of school, act with consideration and courtesy towards others.

Times for the School Day

The normal school day should be regarded as from 8.30 a.m. to 3:05 p.m.  In the morning the School starts with registration at 8.40 a.m. in lesson one.  The final lesson of the day ends at 2.55 p.m.

Lunch Arrangements

All pupils remain on the school premises throughout their lunch period.


  1. Movement – inside the school buildings is to be made quietly in single file on the left-hand side of stairs and corridors.
  2. Entrances/Exits – pupils must use the entrances and exits prescribed to them.
  3. Entering School Buildings:
    1. No pupil is allowed inside the buildings (other than The Dining Hall), during mid-morning break or during the lunchtime, unless authorised.
    2. When authorised, pupils will be allowed indoors in unfavourable weather in specified areas.

Out of doors

  1. Pupils are not allowed to leave the school premises during school hours without permission from senior staff. This includes pupils with dental or medical appointments.
  2. During the normal school breaks, pupils will use such areas as will be prescribed to them.
  3. Cycles: Owners are responsible for security of cycles and are advised to participate in the police scheme of registering frame numbers with them. Cycles should be left only in designated areas
  4. During breaks, games including football are permitted on the tennis court only and on the field in summer. NO games of any type in the courtyard.
  5. Pupils should travel directly between home and school and not make arrangements to hang around or meet up with friends not attending Stanwell.
  6. Full school uniform must be worn on the journey to and from school.
  7. Pupils must not use lanes, except to gain access to their own homes.
  8. Pupils must not engage in conversation with strangers or accept handouts or flyers.
  9. Pupils must report any strange or unusual events to the school or parents.


The school should be informed by telephone or in writing as soon as possible. A note must be brought on return to school after any period of absence, explaining the absence. Family holidays in term time are not approved and are actively discouraged by the school.


Punctuality must be observed at all times. Any pupil arriving after registration must report to Reception and sign in. Lateness without reasonable cause incurs an appropriate penalty.


Pupils are expected to bring equipment required for lessons e.g. exercise books, pens, pencils etc. All textbooks, library books, materials and equipment remain school property on loan to pupils. All personal equipment must be clearly marked.

Homework Planners

Should be taken to all lessons and signed by parents weekly.


  1. No magazines or reading matter other than that approved by staff may be brought into school.
  2. No article which may cause physical or material harm is to be brought to school. This includes matches and cigarettes and particularly illegal substances and weapons, possession of which will lead to permanent exclusion.
  3. No electronic equipment of any sort: e.g. radio/personal stereo, mobile phone, pager, camera, mp3 players or other electrical equipment is to be brought to school unless officially authorised. Such equipment will be confiscated and pupils will be placed in detention. Electronic equipment will be returned to parents after the detention has been completed.
  4. Chewing gum must not be brought to school.
  5. No liquid paper correcting fluid (e.g. Tippex) must be brought to school.
  6. No notices may be put up without the permission of the senior staff.

Dress and Appearances

See the School Uniform page for more information.

School Buildings and Equipment

All pupils are expected to take pride in maintaining a high standard of tidiness and cleanliness in and around the school premises, and have respect for the school buildings and equipment. Any vandalism will be treated as a serious offence and appropriate action taken.


Smoking is absolutely prohibited in school, on the way to and from school and in any other circumstances in which the good name of the school would be brought into disrepute. Pupils in the company of other pupils smoking will also be punished. It is now an offence to smoke anywhere on the school site.

Money and Valuables

The school takes no responsibility for money or valuables. These should be kept on the person, in lockers or entrusted to a member of staff for safe keeping.


  1. Break/Lunch Detentions: pupils must be given the opportunity to collect and eat their break or lunch meals/snacks.
  2. Detentions after 2:55 p.m. up to 1 hour may be held on any evening subject to 24 hours written notice which is emailed to parents and pupils.
  3. School detention organised by senior staff is held weekly for one hour after school, normally on Thursdays, subject to 24 hours written notice which is emailed to pupils and parents.


No member of staff administers or supervises medication. Any pupil who needs to bring medicines or analgesics to school must report to their Year Tutor providing a written explanation from their parents. The medicine or analgesics for that day only must be in an appropriate container as issued by the dispensing pharmacist and clearly labelled with the name of the medication and the pupil’s name and form. Whilst all staff receive regular Epi-Pen training teachers are encouraged to contact the designated first-aiders if they feel such action is appropriate.

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