@StanwellSchool - 08:40 AM - 23 Apr 2024

Cover Supervisor vacancy at Stanwell. https://t.co/226kVPCOpO pic.twitter.com/qDxe9FKuyq— Stanwell_School () April 23, 2024

@StanwellSchool - 21:36 PM - 22 Apr 2024

Year 9: Focusing on sustainable design - sample by Ffion Perrott pic.twitter.com/i0ylvDP63T— Stanwell Fashion & Textiles () April 22, 2024
Pob lwc i Flwyddyn 11, eich arholiad llafar ola'! Uned 2 - amdani! Last speaking test - you've got this! pic.twitter.com/FEyoYTw8ZZ— Cymraeg Stanwell () April 22, 2024

@StanwellSchool - 14:18 PM - 22 Apr 2024

@StanwellSchool - 13:17 PM - 22 Apr 2024

We will be supporting on Monday the 29th of April. Staff and 6th form pupils can make an appointment using the link in their emails. Let's make a difference! ⁦⁩ pic.twitter.com/hfOCimZIxJ— Stanwell_School () April 22, 2024

@StanwellSchool - 11:15 AM - 22 Apr 2024

Year 9: Focussing on sustainable design. Sample by Ffion Perrott. pic.twitter.com/M1wiK37C13— Stanwell Fashion & Textiles () April 22, 2024

@StanwellSchool - 08:30 AM - 22 Apr 2024

Congratulations RJ in Year 10 - you're on a roll! Week 28's problem is to do with perimeters of squares and circles. Can you work this out? pic.twitter.com/Ev3iaWxyR9— Stanwell Maths () April 22, 2024

@StanwellSchool - 19:37 PM - 19 Apr 2024

Congratulations to Nia Jones (Year 13) on her Welsh U19 cap! We are so proud of you! pic.twitter.com/zFaHunlIN8— Stanwell School PE () April 19, 2024

@StanwellSchool - 14:36 PM - 19 Apr 2024

A tough group for year 7 but they manage to win 1 of 3 group games to qualify for the bowl knockouts! Some great determination shown in the 2 narrow losses. Next game 3.40pm. pic.twitter.com/TEFYdoLEHH— Stanwell School PE () April 19, 2024

@StanwellSchool - 11:57 AM - 19 Apr 2024

Vacancy at Stanwell https://t.co/62f8OoqH2y pic.twitter.com/HNTVXkFMXa— Stanwell_School () April 19, 2024

@StanwellSchool - 07:35 AM - 19 Apr 2024

Logan, our therapy dog working with some pupils 🐕🐾🦴 pic.twitter.com/Ft5nGsnH54— Stanwell_School () April 19, 2024
Girl singing

Sixth Form Welcome & Admissions

We are pleased that you are considering Stanwell Sixth Form for the next stage of your education. We aim to provide a structured, disciplined environment in which our students excel both academically and personally.  

Over the last decade our Sixth Form has expanded considerably and projected numbers for the next academic year suggests a population in excess of 450.  The majority of students transfer from our own Year 11 but we also extend a warm welcome to students from other schools.

As a prospective student, you apply for admission by completing the Sixth Form Application and we ask that you are available for interviews when requested. If your application is from another school please contact Miss S Adams – sadams@stanwell.org for further information. 

Along with gaining qualifications, Sixth Form also provides you with many opportunities to develop your talents and personality through a wide range of extra-curricular activities. Our Sixth Formers have always made a notable contribution to the artistic, cultural and sporting life of the school as well as participating in a variety of activities that help them develop qualities of leadership in which they assume greater responsibility and contribute wholly to the day to day life of school.  

Whether you are an existing Stanwell student or thinking of joining us, we would ask you to peruse our Sixth Form prospectus carefully as we know that the best decisions are always informed decisions. Teachers, tutors and careers advisers will be on hand to help you make the right choice for you. We are sure you will find your time at Stanwell a fulfilling, rewarding experience and we look forward to helping you excel in all you do.

If at anytime before your application you wish to see the 'school at work' please contact Miss S Adams  sadams@stanwell.org     

Sixth Form Application FormSixth Form Admissions Policy

Sixth Form Prospectus 2024/2025