@StanwellSchool - 19:59 PM - 26 Sep 2022

Thanks to our Stanwell teachers for speaking a language of their choice today with their classes to help the MFL department celebrate European Day of Languages. We were particularly impressed by the efforts of the Science department... https://t.co/m0RdZIJkYW

@StanwellSchool - 18:59 PM - 26 Sep 2022

@StanwellSchool - 18:58 PM - 26 Sep 2022

Advanced notice for Year 12 students: Individual school photos will be taken on Friday 30th September https://t.co/H7KdAztL7v

@StanwellSchool - 18:57 PM - 26 Sep 2022

We are looking for new players to join our younger Mariners! All abilities welcome. We currently have U12/U14 age groups we would love to grow! We train every Thursday 6.30-7.30pm . Please come along or get in touch! 😁🎉 https://t.co/igNHwtVZgL

@StanwellSchool - 13:04 PM - 26 Sep 2022

Careers fair information THURSDAY 6th OCTOBER 330-530pm https://t.co/IJvdWqDFa2
Another Friday, another podcast release! Today we hear from teacher-educator, Lauren Rees. Lauren discusses how research & enquiry influence the development of new teachers & the school as a whole. Enjoy! https://t.co/ZZfvn27VHv

@StanwellSchool - 20:37 PM - 23 Sep 2022

@StanwellSchool - 20:36 PM - 23 Sep 2022

Year 13 pupil demonstrating how to make bias binding to her peers today. Excellent job, Kelis - well done 👏🏻 https://t.co/GEG04sXzXi
The building will house our current wellbeing team https://t.co/ssYW4rHttK

@StanwellSchool - 20:33 PM - 23 Sep 2022

@StanwellSchool - 16:46 PM - 23 Sep 2022

Stanwell’s new wellbeing/student services building is under construction and starting to look impressive https://t.co/IqPyx6VDaP

@StanwellSchool - 20:11 PM - 22 Sep 2022

Stanwell open day: Tuesday 11th October. All prospective, present and past parents/carers welcome. https://t.co/lVe69duVZw https://t.co/DbCDJb8vLi

Staff Wellbeing

Mental health leads for staff wellbeing: Sarah Owen DHT & Sarah Brewer AHT.

All colleagues have a Senior Leadership Link. This can be used to discuss any specific concerns or be used for advice and support.

Support for colleagues in relation to physical and mental health and a work life balance are vital. Here are some of the staff wellbeing activities in place in Stanwell.

  • SAS School Insurance and Health Care Plan (see attachment below)

  • Promotion of openness about mental health and wellbeing. Staff signposted to support services 

  • Ways to reduce workload discussed and investigated

  • Coaching culture

  • Social committee and staff social groups and events in place

  • Staff wellbeing survey

  • Time allocated for professional learning

  • Time allocated to wellbeing during INSET

  • Physical health support with the use of the school gym

  • Staff wellbeing is a bi-annual Governors meeting agenda item and visited regularly at SLT meetings

  • Discounts offered to school staff e.g. Gimber motor pick up, gym memberships, etc

Results of staff wellbeing survey suggest interest in:

  • Circuits
  • Pilates
  • Car wash & valet
  • Formalised post office run
  • Massage
  • Nails & waxing
  • Ironing service
  • Meeting free week

Staff wellbeing leaflet