@StanwellSchool - 16:24 PM - 7 Jun 2023

A sample of the uniform available in the uniform swap shop tonight. Thank you for the donations pic.twitter.com/UwaVd0oFbN— Stanwell_School () June 7, 2023

@StanwellSchool - 16:18 PM - 7 Jun 2023

Selection of dresses and suits available for prom or Valedictory dinner. The uniform swap shop open in Stanwell now pic.twitter.com/qKXdWRK7Zp— Stanwell_School () June 7, 2023
Uniform swap shop today Thursday 4th May: 4:00-5:30pm. Open to all. Please do not feel you need to have anything to swap— Stanwell_School () June 7, 2023

@StanwellSchool - 14:55 PM - 7 Jun 2023

Reminder: Uniform Swap Shop today 4:30pm - 6:00pm pic.twitter.com/qjkddNea4M— Stanwell_School () June 7, 2023

@StanwellSchool - 14:11 PM - 7 Jun 2023

@StanwellSchool - 20:06 PM - 6 Jun 2023

June reads 📕📗📘📙📖📚and the Stanwell Pride week addition 🏳️‍🌈📒 pic.twitter.com/v3ogC7kGdp— Stanwell_School () June 6, 2023

@StanwellSchool - 20:40 PM - 5 Jun 2023

Exam equipment needed after the half term break 📝✏️✍️📝📏📐✍️📝 https://t.co/U3Zd2O4O9f pic.twitter.com/XdCDbCrHsN— Stanwell_School () May 26, 2023

@StanwellSchool - 20:39 PM - 5 Jun 2023

Vale of Glamorgan Family Information Service are holding a Parent Information session in Penarth Library Monday 12th June 10.30am  - 1.30pm pic.twitter.com/L7EaV8fMdw— Stanwell_School () June 5, 2023

@StanwellSchool - 13:19 PM - 5 Jun 2023

Courtyard wild flower project in full bloom 💐🌸🌺🌷🌻🌹 pic.twitter.com/DqrwxUqlR8— Stanwell_School () June 5, 2023
Weekly Friday communication to parents can be found on the website under letters home https://t.co/3wevGhLUfL— Stanwell_School () May 26, 2023

@StanwellSchool - 15:12 PM - 26 May 2023

Girl in cookery

Catering Facilities


We are delighted to inform you that the catering contract renewal for our school has been awarded to Cleverchefs, an outstanding company with a proven track record in delivering nutritious meals to schools. Their experienced chefs will work with our catering team to develop menus that will meet the dietary needs and preferences of our students.

"Providing amazing food is the main focus of our business. We go that extra mile to give our pupils that real "wow" factor in presentation and taste, whilst keeping that recognisable food that can be of comfort.

Cleverchefs was founded in 2015 by Nick Collins who you may have seen on Masterchef the professionals a few years ago. Brought to life with a dream to produce fun, vibrant food worth talking about, to the hospitality sector.

Our ethos is about providing perfection as standard, this means that we promise to use the freshest local food, cooked and served by dedicated professionals. Whilst doing our very best to be sustainable in every area of our business".

 Independent Caterers | Cleverchefs ;


The new menu that has been created by Cleverchefs is interesting and exciting. Food is all freshly made on school site and items have been introduced into the menu

Cleverchefs Stanwell MenuStanwell Tariff

Parents/carers will be able to see that some of the prices have changed for items due to the cost of inflation and that new items have been introduced. Please be aware that for all students the option of the hot meal (main meal, a dessert and a drink for £2.70 daily)

Please see below the YouTube video winning caterer of the year 2022