Confirmation: Year 12 parents evening Tuesday 25th January.

@StanwellSchool - 11:51 AM - 21 Jan 2022

Yr11 pupils have been asked to complete an initial intentions form for Sept 2022 by TODAY Thurs 20th January. The link for this has been emailed to their email account & is available on the adobe sparks presentation https://t.co/rx6yGJsjBQ

@StanwellSchool - 17:01 PM - 20 Jan 2022

In order to facilitate the Sixth Form Options Process we have prepared an adobe sparks presentation that contains all the information the pupils require to make informed choices.   https://t.co/hOBBxTV3VX

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@StanwellSchool - 12:49 PM - 20 Jan 2022

BBC Wildlife Magazine free for library members via the Libby app: https://t.co/i36sHEyHZA https://t.co/zl5Vgbco24
Stanwell will be supporting on February the 4th. Get your red top ready! https://t.co/tWbcSYIEqH

@StanwellSchool - 08:51 AM - 20 Jan 2022

Very proud of the passionate performance by 1stXV this evening, against a skillful team. They played right up to the final whistle, but unfortunately came up second best, narrowly losing 20-21. Welsh Cup rugby at its best!

@StanwellSchool - 16:27 PM - 19 Jan 2022

@StanwellSchool - 08:01 AM - 19 Jan 2022

Applications for our Medicine Summer School in partnership with The Sutton Trust are now open! Apply now for your chance to join us on campus this summer for a unique insight into a Medicine degree at Cardiff University 🔗https://t.co/78BbzYHZMt https://t.co/vi7lliO0HU
Well done to the Year 7a and b netball team who played Whitmore School last night. The A's won 14-0 and the player of the match was Maria Pitter. The B's won 7-0 and player of the match was Amelia McCarthy.

@StanwellSchool - 07:53 AM - 18 Jan 2022

@StanwellSchool - 07:53 AM - 18 Jan 2022

If you’re aged 16-21 and live in Wales, getting 1/3 off your bus fares couldn’t be easier. Simply: ✍️ Apply online or by post: https://t.co/gbvFFrradK ✉️ Receive your pass in the post Show your pass as you board the bus to buy your ticket at the discounted price! https://t.co/k7zGQjz65Q
How do massive stars die? See the link below https://t.co/LuOpFEn438

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Girl writing on whiteboard

School Improvement Plan 2021/2022


  1. Further improve progress of pupils entitled to free school meals at KS4
  2. Continue to raise standards in the very few areas or subjects where performance does not place the school in the top 25% of similar schools
  3. Identify gaps in learning, as a result of school closures and in term disruptions for all pupils and target support to ensure exam classes and vulnerable learners accelerate their progress/recovery
  4. Continue to develop skills in writing and problem solving (numeracy)

Wellbeing / Attitudes to Learning

  1. Continue to evaluate and develop the work of learner voice groups in helping to influence learning experiences, impact positively on provision and standards and create student leadership opportunities
  2. Provide additional support and guidance to learners impacted by school closures and the pandemic: review and adapt monitoring procedures
  3. Continue to develop pupils’ healthy and positive relationships, and celebrate equality and diversity
  4. Review school procedures where necessary, and create opportunities to support staff wellbeing whilst maintaining a culture of high standards

Learning & Teaching Experiences

  1. Further develop teachers’ strategies for ensuring challenge for all through responsive teaching (differentiation)
  2. Continue to assess the consistency of diagnostic marking, feedback and pupils’ responses to feedback within and across departments
  3. Continue to develop the DCF across the curriculum to enable pupils to develop their digital skills to enhance learning
  4. Continue to ensure literacy, numeracy and digital competency are integral to collaborative planning in and across AOLEs in readiness for implementation of the new curriculum
  5. Expand the blended learning provision to enhance student experiences and facilitate additional learning opportunities (Google Classroom)

Care, Support & Guidance

  1. Further refine strategies to improve attendance, resilience and increase pupil engagement for those very few pupils with weak attendance, (with a focus upon FSM pupils and developing vulnerable learner provision maps/IDPs) see PDG
  2. Further develop pastoral support and enhance interventions to further develop engagement of learners
  3. Continue to monitor, evaluate and challenge ALN provision to ensure the highest expectations and ensure learners make strong progress
  4. Develop the role of support staff to further improve standards


  1. Continue to refine CPD offer to staff including training on effective enquiry projects, coaching and the agreed Stanwell Excellence model to further develop the School as a Learning Organisation (SLO)
  2. Provide further high quality training opportunities for implementation of the new curriculum (e.g. through departments collaboratively planning across AOLEs)
  3. Develop and provide training for aspiring leaders as part of the CPD offer in order to encourage professional learning and building capacity
  4. Further develop bilingualism and an awareness of local, national and global responsibilities

SIP 2021-2024