Confirmation: Year 12 parents evening Tuesday 25th January.

@StanwellSchool - 11:51 AM - 21 Jan 2022

Yr11 pupils have been asked to complete an initial intentions form for Sept 2022 by TODAY Thurs 20th January. The link for this has been emailed to their email account & is available on the adobe sparks presentation https://t.co/rx6yGJsjBQ

@StanwellSchool - 17:01 PM - 20 Jan 2022

In order to facilitate the Sixth Form Options Process we have prepared an adobe sparks presentation that contains all the information the pupils require to make informed choices.   https://t.co/hOBBxTV3VX

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@StanwellSchool - 12:49 PM - 20 Jan 2022

BBC Wildlife Magazine free for library members via the Libby app: https://t.co/i36sHEyHZA https://t.co/zl5Vgbco24
Stanwell will be supporting on February the 4th. Get your red top ready! https://t.co/tWbcSYIEqH

@StanwellSchool - 08:51 AM - 20 Jan 2022

Very proud of the passionate performance by 1stXV this evening, against a skillful team. They played right up to the final whistle, but unfortunately came up second best, narrowly losing 20-21. Welsh Cup rugby at its best!

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Applications for our Medicine Summer School in partnership with The Sutton Trust are now open! Apply now for your chance to join us on campus this summer for a unique insight into a Medicine degree at Cardiff University 🔗https://t.co/78BbzYHZMt https://t.co/vi7lliO0HU
Well done to the Year 7a and b netball team who played Whitmore School last night. The A's won 14-0 and the player of the match was Maria Pitter. The B's won 7-0 and player of the match was Amelia McCarthy.

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@StanwellSchool - 07:53 AM - 18 Jan 2022

If you’re aged 16-21 and live in Wales, getting 1/3 off your bus fares couldn’t be easier. Simply: ✍️ Apply online or by post: https://t.co/gbvFFrradK ✉️ Receive your pass in the post Show your pass as you board the bus to buy your ticket at the discounted price! https://t.co/k7zGQjz65Q
How do massive stars die? See the link below https://t.co/LuOpFEn438

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Uniform Consultation

11th Jan 2022

Thank you very much to all of the pupils, parents/carers, members of staff and governors who completed the uniform questionnaire last term. There were over 1400 responses which was extremely useful. This questionnaire was analysed in conjunction with the detailed discussions had with pupils in school and the outcome of this uniform consultation are below.

Change 1 - The school uniform will be change to one colour. Navy blue.


All pupils in Year 7 and Year 12 will move to Navy blue school uniform from September 2022. If other pupils in Year 8/9/10/13 wish to make the move to Navy blue as well, they are more than welcome.

Change 2 – The school skirt style will be altered as many pupils stated that they did not like the current pleated version. The new skirt will be a twin pleated skirt. See photograph below. The new skirt can be seen in more detail at https://www.trutex.com/senior-twin-pleat-skirt#189=20


Change 3 – All pupils will be able to wear plain blue navy trousers. Previously the navy uniform had pin stripes. This will not be the case from September.

The changes will be compulsory for Year 7 and Year 12 September 2022 and we encourage all parents/carers to buy the new uniform going forwards as pupils grow and need new items.  The school have been in contact with the school uniform suppliers and more information will follow for parents/carers in preparation for September 2022 to ensure that everyone is clear about the correct uniform to purchase.