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Have a enjoyable, restful and safe Summer holiday 🏖 https://t.co/ZXy8KVqg0z

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@StanwellSchool - 08:21 AM - 19 Jul 2022

Water safety message from please be mindful that we all need to read to ensure we stay safe in the water https://t.co/SrgiUx9XZC
Amazing effort from every single pupil that trailed for the . Well done to all those that were successful and to those who narrowly missed out remember this is not your only chance at representative rugby, keep working hard and your time WILL come. https://t.co/9m4AToIIm8

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Ollie A 8W is currently in Bordeaux taking part in sail training in preparation for the French Nationals. Ollie sails an Optimists which is a single handed boat. Ollie is part of the GB squad and the Nationals start tomorrow and end on Friday. Good luck from us all! https://t.co/8HV5ixfF3I

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Enrichment activities are still going strong for Year 9. Archie L singing with Savage Groove (the staff band) https://t.co/BCoKtkmgxG

@StanwellSchool - 10:47 AM - 18 Jul 2022

Year 9 pupils enjoying PE based enrichment activities. https://t.co/Okjc9FXrGK

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Amazing evening yesterday celebrating our former internationals! A great start to our heritage project 🥳 If you’re a former welsh hockey international, get in touch with us to share your hockey history! https://t.co/8EeKkucsNZ

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Stanwell staff and ex-pupils being presented their Welsh caps. celebrating former international players. https://t.co/OAghVjzJ3B
Information for Yr 9 only: after consulting the hourly weather forecast school have decided that Yr9 enrichment activities will take place outside this morning. All pupils will be indoors by 11.15am when enrichment activities will continue inside. All other pupils will be indoors

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Years 7-12 Enrichment Day Update

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14th Jul 2022

It has now been necessary to make large scale changes to these plans in light of the extremely hot weather that is forecast for Monday and Tuesday and the Public Health Wales Guidance that has been issued relating to this. 


Enrichment Day for Years 7, 8 and 12 will now take place on Friday (tomorrow). Staff will ensure that there are regular shade breaks and pupils will be required to bring a drink, sun cream and a sun hat. If pupils require additional shade/rest time then they are to let a member of staff know and they will escort you to a shaded cooler area. It is not anticipated that the weather on Friday will exceed the temperature outlined in the Public Health Guidance, but if this is the case then we will cancel the activities on the day and will only proceed if it is considered safe to do so. 


Enrichment Day for Year 9 only, will take place on Monday 18th July but all activities have been considerably amended and will now take place indoors.


Enrichment day for year 10 only, will take place on Tuesday 19th July but all activities have been considerably amended and will now take place indoors.


The changes made will mean that pupils can benefit from enrichment activities at the end of term in a safe and comfortable environment.