@StanwellSchool - 11:48 AM - 29 Nov 2022

Congratulations to the Stanwell team of year 12 students who participated in the UK Space Design Competition at Cardiff University, making it through the Welsh heat and will now compete in the National final. https://t.co/mXMJ7rL8Tt
Just saw the new Matilda film. It’s basically perfect. There are no words to describe Matthew Warchus, or Emma Thompson. Lashana Lynch sensational. showing again why he’s one of the very, very best. ‘Matilda’ might make for a good Junior Musical one day…

@StanwellSchool - 18:22 PM - 27 Nov 2022

@StanwellSchool - 19:45 PM - 25 Nov 2022

It's been one year since we set up Footnotes, the Sixth Form and Year 11 book club that investigates history's greatest novels and delves into the worlds they create. In that time we've run through eight key novels and dozens of adaptations, spoofs and spin-offs from all media. https://t.co/qiVtAey6Bh

@StanwellSchool - 19:29 PM - 25 Nov 2022

Though today's result wasn't quite what we wanted, we're still here, still Welsh, and still https://t.co/H9PEq3HTky

@StanwellSchool - 19:29 PM - 25 Nov 2022

We always support those from Wales who take the opportunity to promote our culture, language and values throughout the world. https://t.co/FdLe7cewQB

@StanwellSchool - 19:29 PM - 25 Nov 2022

Passion and pride were both on display today as we joined the nation in support of the Welsh football team at Cwpan y Byd 2022. https://t.co/Xw0hdpL4bJ
Unfortunately, because of the forthcoming exams, the sport hall is out of action for the next couple of weeks, so badminton, basketball and gymnastics club will cancelled until the week starting the 12th December.

@StanwellSchool - 13:50 PM - 25 Nov 2022

@StanwellSchool - 12:34 PM - 25 Nov 2022

Catering at Stanwell: Winter menu 2022 https://t.co/sa4z1BXX2H 🌮🥗🥪🥙 https://t.co/fsQQIQGnCT

@StanwellSchool - 12:00 PM - 25 Nov 2022

Congratulations to Eleeza Khan - this year's winner of the Young Volunteer of the Year Award and her sister Rosheen on her nomination. Both young women are football coaches, inspiring young women in to tackle their challenges and get into ! https://t.co/Nrwx5HZyKO

@StanwellSchool - 20:20 PM - 24 Nov 2022

Great collaboration, enthusiasm and professional dialogue about curriculum design today - diolch yn fawr to the Penarth cluster! https://t.co/lEoL9Sfm9l
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What is wellbeing?

The following guidance and information is intended to support Stanwell’s immediate and extended communities to feel well, healthy and happy.

If you feel that you need help immediately please refer to the support agencies information below or click this link

Five steps of health and wellbeing:

  1. Connect. If possible, connect and keep in touch with people around you: family, friends, colleagues and neighbours. Check on one another, if visits are not possible then phone, WhatsApp, text or face time.
  2. Be Active. If possible, get active; walk, run, cycle, play a game, gardening, dancing or construct your own home-made circuit. Ensure you are eating well, drinking water and getting the rest you need to be healthy.
  3. Take notice. Be observant of yourself, others and your environment. Give compliments, support one another, be kind and look for something beautiful in your family or nature.
  4. Keep Learning. Stay interested in local, national and international developments. How can you help yourself and others? Be aware of other opportunities to progress your learning through the school website and Google Classrooms.
  5. Give. Being there for one another is so important; random acts of kindness, encouragement, love and generosity. Invest in yourself, family and loved ones; compassion, time, patience and citizenship.

We are ready to listen...

Parent/Carers at home: Always try and find time to speak to your parent/carer or a sibling at home. They know you best and know how you tick so are in the best position to provide loving advice and support. However, for a wide range of reasons, not all young people find it easy to express themselves at home. In such situations it might be easier to talk to people in school.

Friends/Peers: Often your friends or peers are the best people to speak to. They may have had similar experiences and feelings, and they might be able to provide you with examples of support and next steps that have helped them. However, young people often want to talk to an adult, someone a bit older, a bit wiser and someone they really trust.

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