Confirmation: Year 12 parents evening Tuesday 25th January.

@StanwellSchool - 11:51 AM - 21 Jan 2022

Yr11 pupils have been asked to complete an initial intentions form for Sept 2022 by TODAY Thurs 20th January. The link for this has been emailed to their email account & is available on the adobe sparks presentation https://t.co/rx6yGJsjBQ

@StanwellSchool - 17:01 PM - 20 Jan 2022

In order to facilitate the Sixth Form Options Process we have prepared an adobe sparks presentation that contains all the information the pupils require to make informed choices.   https://t.co/hOBBxTV3VX

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@StanwellSchool - 12:49 PM - 20 Jan 2022

BBC Wildlife Magazine free for library members via the Libby app: https://t.co/i36sHEyHZA https://t.co/zl5Vgbco24
Stanwell will be supporting on February the 4th. Get your red top ready! https://t.co/tWbcSYIEqH

@StanwellSchool - 08:51 AM - 20 Jan 2022

Very proud of the passionate performance by 1stXV this evening, against a skillful team. They played right up to the final whistle, but unfortunately came up second best, narrowly losing 20-21. Welsh Cup rugby at its best!

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@StanwellSchool - 08:01 AM - 19 Jan 2022

Applications for our Medicine Summer School in partnership with The Sutton Trust are now open! Apply now for your chance to join us on campus this summer for a unique insight into a Medicine degree at Cardiff University 🔗https://t.co/78BbzYHZMt https://t.co/vi7lliO0HU
Well done to the Year 7a and b netball team who played Whitmore School last night. The A's won 14-0 and the player of the match was Maria Pitter. The B's won 7-0 and player of the match was Amelia McCarthy.

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@StanwellSchool - 07:53 AM - 18 Jan 2022

If you’re aged 16-21 and live in Wales, getting 1/3 off your bus fares couldn’t be easier. Simply: ✍️ Apply online or by post: https://t.co/gbvFFrradK ✉️ Receive your pass in the post Show your pass as you board the bus to buy your ticket at the discounted price! https://t.co/k7zGQjz65Q
How do massive stars die? See the link below https://t.co/LuOpFEn438

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Pupils outside uniform

School Uniform

The wearing of uniform is compulsory for all school occasions, including the journey to and from school. Uniform regulations are implemented by all staff. The uniform is simple in design; where interpretation is necessary, acceptable uniform is decided by senior staff.


Navy pleated skirt with school logo or navy pin stripe trousers of approved design and material. Navy socks of appropriate length or opaque navy tights. Plain white traditional school shirt. Plain knitted navy cardigan or jumper with school badge.
Plain knitted black v-necked jumper with school badge. Black school trousers (Formal trousers). Plain white traditional school shirt. Black socks.

Top Coats

Plain top coats must be black or navy blue. The following are not allowed: coats/jackets with lettering, logos or motifs; coats/jackets containing unacceptable material e.g. leather (real or lookalike), denim, corduroy, fur (real or artificial) etc. It is unacceptable to wear baggy jumpers, cardigans, hooded tops, tracksuit tops etc. as a top coat.


(Classic/Traditional/Formal) Black, low heeled/flat school shoes. (no boots, high heels, trainers, sporting or casual styles, platform soles, of any kind).

School Ties

Must be worn correctly. There are distinctive ties for Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4, Sixth Form and Sports Colours.


In very bad weather, out of doors, if accessories such as scarves are worn, they must be plain black or navy with no motifs.


No unacceptable hair styles e.g. unusual dyes, braids, excessively long, short or shaved, etc. No shaved heads, beards or facial hair. Hair accessories for girls only should be simple and in school colours.


No jewellery, no earrings, facial piercings, rings, etc.

Make Up

Make up and nail varnish are not allowed.


No badges or motifs are permitted on any item of clothing except the school badge and those connected with school activities and County or National sports colours.

Sixth Form Only

As above, with following additions:


Navy or Black with school badge.


No unacceptable hair styles e.g. unusual dyes, excessively long, short or shaved, etc. Beards and facial hair should be kept neatly trimmed. Hair accessories should be simple and in school colours.


One simple stud earring in the lobe of each ear is permitted. No rings, bracelets and necklaces are to be worn.
No facial piercings or visible tattoos are permitted.

Make Up

Make up and nail varnish are to be neutral in colour and natural in appearance.

P.E. Uniform

Navy and gold PE shirt with navy and gold skort or navy and gold shorts. Plain blue or black, tracksuit bottoms or leggings (optional)
Training shoes (preferably not black soles), navy and gold PE Department sweatshirt (optional), plain blue or black tracksuit bottoms (optional) and a towel. Shin pads are advised for hockey lessons.
Navy and gold reversible rugby shirt, navy rugby/football socks. Rugby/football boots (with studs), training shoes (preferably not black soles) and a towel.

If you have any comments on the school uniform please contact Mrs S Brewer, Senior Assistant Headteacher.

Purchase Uniform

School uniforms can be purchased from A Class Apart – Dinas Powys and YC sports, Canton, Cardiff. If, for any reason, there is a temporary short-term deviation from full school uniform, parents/carers must write a letter to the Year Tutor explaining the reason why full uniform is not worn and give the date when full uniform will be worn.

Any item of clothing not listed above is not school uniform. All clothing must be clearly marked with the owners forenames, not initials, as well as surname.

Uniform is reviewed annually. Changes may be made. Before parents/carers purchase any items of uniform please obtain the most up to date list for September term.